Hi, I'm Victoria. I'm a Visual Designer & Developer with a passion for building mission-driven brands and digital experiences.

Medicare Costs: Feature Story

Art Direction, Web Design, Illustration

JUUL: Feature Story

Art Direction, Web Design, Animation

The Soul Within

Branding, Art Direction, Web Design & Development

Knight Hacks

Product Design, Branding, Web Design

Who Am I?

My name is Victoria. I develop brands and tell stories through graphic design, code, and animation. Basically, I'm a multidisciplinary Visual Designer.

I currently work as the lead Web and Brand Designer for an internal team that manages online financial brands, collaborating daily with marketers, content writers, and developers. Previously, I've worked with brands in the legal, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

The impact of a brand doesn't only lie in its initial conception, but in its ever-changing growth and development. There are always opportunities to expand a brand, while still staying truthful to its core values and goals. Utilizing my background and knowledge in graphic design, photography, and web development I propose and execute creative solutions to push brands forward through various channels.

My goal is to continue working with like-minded people to build mission based brands and engaging digital experiences.