Knight Hacks

Knight Hacks is a student led organization founded at the University of Central Florida, with the goal of educating students about the fields of computer science and technology. The organization holds an annual hackathon geared towards beginners who have a desire to learn about designing and building their own applications. I was fortunate enough to be a part of Knight Hack's first design team, as the Product Designer. Since this was Knight Hack's first design team, there was no foundation in place for building products, or a consistent visual brand. I sought to alleviate this issue by creating a design system specifically for Knight Hacks products, and use those guidelines to build the products needed.

The first product I worked on was the live application that would provide hackers updates during the event, as well as hosting information for events/workshops. The second product was the back-end interface that the team would use to input information for the live app.

Role: Product Designer
Deliverables: Branding, Design System, Visual Design, Product Design