For my DIG 3084 class, I worked with a team that created a business concept for a subscription service for concert tickets. Their target market was music lovers of all ages who enjoy nightlife, and the convenience of attending numerous local concert performances for a fair price. The name of the company is WKND. As their designer, I went through the process of creating a modern logo and color scheme that would reflect their brand.


wknd sketches drawingwknd sketches drawing

Final Logo

After various sketches were presented, the team agreed that the stacked word mark was the best form for the logo. My concept for the colors chosen was to imitate nighttime, and the darkness falling after sunset, which is when concerts often begin. I refined my initial sketch and vectorized the design, while also selecting brand colors and fonts to be paired with the logo.

wknd tshirt logo mockupwknd splash screen phone mockupwknd bag logo mockup