"Medicare Costs: Why You Pay More for Health Care": A Feature Story

Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation

I was the designer for the first feature story to be published on RetireGuide. This piece goes in depth about the rising out-of-pocket costs in the medicare system, and how different Medicare beneficiaries are affected by how expensive health care can be. I took this opportunity to expand on my illustration skills and use these images to tell different stories.

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Story & Direction

After studying the initial content draft for this piece, one of the major takeaways for me was understanding how different beneficiaries are affected by the Medicare system, and how not every beneficiary who participates in the system is an elderly retiree. This gave me an opportunity to showcase the diverse types of people who participate in the system, and present each character in a different situation. To begin building out each illustration, I sought out textures, styles, and colors that can be used to highlight different characters and give the illustrations their own unique style. The templates were built using Figma.

Initial ideas, colors, and concepts for medicare feature story.


Using the color palette and texture style that I constructed, I mapped out 6 different apartment scenes to represent the beneficiaries and their various interests/lifestyles. The concept was that all the characters lived within the same apartment building, representing the medicare system, and each contrasted their own environment.

Illustration of characters in their apartmentsBlue apartment illustrationPink apartment illustrationOrange apartment illustrationPurple apartment illustrationGreen apartment illustrationYellow apartment illustration


To accompany the written content, I sought to create clear and informative infographics that could make this extensive piece for digestible for readers.

Medicare Feature infographicMedicare Feature infographicMedicare Feature infographic
Medicare feature page design

Takeaway: Developing a Unique Visual Style

During this project, I stretched myself as far as my illustration skills, and learned more about using strictly vector elements to create a cohesive theme. I sought to use this style to tell a story in between the lines of the feature. During this project I also had the opportunity to work closely with a new developer on the team, to create SVG animations that helped bring the characters and their scenes to life. While it was somewhat of a struggle to work with heavily layered SVGs, we were able to coordinate subtle animations that worked. The team and myself were extremely happy with the results of our first feature for RetireGuide.com.