JUUL Vaping Epidemic:
A Feature Story

Graphic Design, Visual Design, Animation

I took on the role of designing a feature story about the vaping epidemic among teens and young adults that has been led by JUUL. The goal was to conceptualize and execute a consistent creative direction for the article and all related visual content. For this project I designed the feature story page, the accompanying landing page, a Facebook ad, and motion graphics for social media. This was a highly collaborative project involving marketing, content, and development.

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Creative Direction

Prior to working on the direction for the project, I studied the content more in depth to understand what areas we were targeting. My main takeaway from the article was that JUUL Labs had access to an archive of marketing research documents from older tobacco companies that outlined strategies to target teenagers and young adults. JUUL took advantage of these tactics and applied them to their own modern day advertisements, while making references to old tobacco ads. This concept inspired me to create a series of images that imitated the grainy feel of tobacco ads from the 50's-70's, while using current images of vaping teens and using a bright color palette more reminiscent of modern-day Instagram.

Moodboard for JUUL Vaping Epidemic Story

Art & Web Design

In spirit of referencing old advertisements, I wanted the article itself to imitate the style of a classic newspaper. I choose Playfair Display as the header font, and SF Pro Text for easy contrast and readability on the web. I designed and animated the main header image to provide an eye-catching visual introduction to the story. The 50's ad style composite images I created reference the content within each section, while alluding to the bright colors and styles of current social media images, and the propaganda nature of tobacco and JUUL ads. Each I collaborated closely with the developer to work on page animations for these images as well.

Collage of Instagram influencer promoting a JUUL to her followersCollage of convo between two young people about JUULCollage of corporate figure handing off JUUL to young teen and advertising vape flavors

Landing Page

The landing page associated with this article is targeted towards users potentially seeking litigation for vaping related injuries, and I designed it to reflect the style of the article, with brightly colored images and light organic background shapes.

Landing page for JUUL Feature Story project by Victoria Austin.

Motion Graphics

I wanted to bring the colorful, modern versions of retro tobacco ads to life. Using After Effects, I created fun animations with the purpose of promoting the story on social media.

Takeaway: A Reach for Creativity

During this project, I learned the importance of studying the content that I am designing for, and have gained a new appreciation for written content as a result. This process was also highly collaborative, so I was able to improve my communication skills while working with social, content, marketing, and dev to create a successful end product. The process also taught me about approaching the design process from different perspectives, and incorporating research on the content into my inspiration. I was able to create an interactive and modern piece unlike any on the site that came before it, and I'm beyond proud of that.