Branding, Graphic Design, UI/UX

GXXD Gang is a lifestyle clothing brand originally created by a group of friends who wanted to create a clothing brand for active young people interested in surfing, skating, and other outdoor activities. While the initial logo was created, and there were clothing items in production, the company had not yet established a visual identity. Our goal was to work together to create standards that could be used across print and digital platforms to establish brand consistency.



The two logos featured here were already created for the GXXD Gang brand so I continued to use them throughout each project.

gxxd gang text logo


The main colors used each design are black, white, and red. These colors were included in the original logo, so they were used throughout the print and digital designs. The pure red accent color is bold and lively.

colors red white black


Poppins was the choice for the font to be used in brand assets, because it is simple, modern and easy to read for interface design.

poppins fonts

Print Design

User Interface Design

desktop mobile ui design mockup